Women Inspiring Women Series

Voices of Empowerment

Her Story Matters was founded in November 2011 to give women a platform to have their voices heard by telling their stories which will also empower them to find their purpose and lead with confidence.

This year Her Story Matters will be launching several projects that will be pushing this agenda forward, one significant one will be a 13-part series called “Women Inspiring Women”. This series will contain various topics that can empower and inspire more women to get their voices heard, as a mantle for others to follow thus showing their strength, appreciating the voice of those that not only ‘talk the talk but walk the walk’ which will act as a magnet for them to show their potential.

The “Women Inspiring Women” series will contain several key topics that will be discussed during the series such as what are keys to achieving your goals and moving towards your dreams this we feel will display positive characteristics and create an impactful track record that will further empower other women to begin to emulate and take those steps in confidence.

We will also take this opportunity to celebrate those women featured for all their hard work making the difference. I believe by showcasing these amazing individuals the younger generation will be able to learn from your journey and aspire to bigger dreams.

The founder Harriet Khataba is known as a global awareness leader, advocate for change; she is a regular radio and television influencer, a key note speaker and sought after guest in media publications. She is passionate about serving women and have their voice heard. She has presented a show focussing on young talent called “Trendz” and done a documentary on FGM.

Production begins in August 2016.