UNBROKEN by Tico Armand
The release of your pain is someone else's strength, courage and substance to continue fighting. This is a poem about my tragic childhood that kept me fighting each day. My story of how all that is meant to break us can indeed be the very thing to keep us from being broken. From what you will hear clearly It's not me you see as I would NEVER want to expose my tragic childhood, it's GOD!!!!! Thank you

Her Story Matters

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Reach the Unreachable, Stand with the Lonely, and Bring Light to the Unseen. We are bringing awareness to the world by sharing every woman’s story. We are a safe place for every woman to become united as one story because – Her Story Matters.

Today advanced cultures have overcome issues like discrimination. Yet, others’ disregard the most basic of human rights for women and children in our world. Discrimination by indifference of women and children has become a silent crisis in many countries as it mingles with issues such as; human trafficking, female genital mutilation, sexual abuse, gender oppression and other cultural norms that should no longer be ignored. Our cultures must unite to overcome the mindsets of outdated belief systems and traditions that place our women and children in unnecessary harm, risk and abuse. We must speak together as one voice to unit our cultures in order to achieve this goal.

Her Story Matters is organizing to archive the voices of all women who wish to tell their story. By doing so we are effectively raising awareness for all women to become inspired, to take that step to begin their journey. The journey of a woman – begins with you today. You can tell your story to begin a journey of strength by sharing your voice. Be heard, bring hope and find confidence in this first step to achieving potential and greatness.

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    When you tell your story online today, you will be generating hope for women who simple need to know that they too can have a voice.

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    Our Vision

    A society where women are valued equally, inspired to pursue their dreams and have the courage to achieve their journey to greatness.

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    Our Goal

    To eliminate discrimination by indifference of women and children in outdated cultures with outdated beliefs.

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    Our Medium

    We offer a platform of online security and global reach by providing multiple ways for women to connect, support, encourage and to grow – as One Voice.

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