Heart to Heart

Intimate moments…’Telling Your Story’


Holiday Inn – Coram Street, London, WC1N 1HE, United Kingdom – View Map

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This event’s main purpose is to empower and inspire women to own their voice and lead with confidence by telling their story.

This session is going to be in a relaxed atmosphere as you hear from this phenomenal women , how they have overcome adversity and loss and been able to dig within to push through the barriers we face as women and how through overcoming those challenges they challenged status quo and are now standing where they are.

There will be opportunities for Q&A and networking.

Speakers Include:


Muzvare Betty Makoni

CNN Hero, Ashoka fellow and CEO of GCNW

Muzvare has a remarkable story, overcoming social injustice at an early life, what drove her to be where she is and accomplish what she has? She has a wealth of wisdom that is needed today to overcome barriers set by society.


Syann Thompson

Gifted singer songwriter, author and speaker trained by the late Myles Munroe.

Syann is very gifted and filled with wisdom. Her passion is to empower the younger generation to live to maximise their potential, she loves to see them succeed. Come and hear how she has navigated through life and her plans to empower the young generation.


Priscilla Nwikpo

Political Analyst & Broadcaster

Priscilla is a remarkable individual who inspires others and prompts them to action. How did she get to where she is? Come and find out what it takes to be a woman in politics and learn from her journey.


AnYes Van Rhijn

Life & business success strategist

AnYes came to UK 11 months ago, homeless and ready to start a new life…she is known as the comeback queen. What is it that we can learn from her?