Harriet Khataba

Harriet Khataba

Founder: Her Story Matters

As the founder and chief operator of the Her Story Matters organization, Miss. Harriet Khataba, has seen her career evolve into an achievement, which encompasses a global public interest that manifests the betterment and achievements of all women. Harriet’s dedication to speaking out for the unheard has become interwoven into her own voice. This path in media, pubic speaking and mentoring has unintentionally become Harriet’s own true story while seeking to tell the stories of all women across the globe.

Born and raised in Kenya, East Africa, Miss Khataba recognized the hardships of an alternative culture from western influences as a child. Harriet was raised in a large family of six children with separated parents. Her experience guided her into a life navigated by a need to raise awareness of youth and women in all cultures. Her passions; to aid, influence understanding and to advance awareness of misconceptions, lead to personal suffering over indifference and inequality of women in all cultures.

Harriet came to the UK with intentions of being a success and of one day owning her own business. Harriet chose to leave for London to pursue her passions of becoming a leader and to own a business as a woman. However, different mindsets and roadblocks are overwhelming most times when believing that you can only work for others… People can be difficult when starting your own business. Miss Khataba found self-employment challenging at first. She then chose to get her degree and to work in diverse fields while always looking for greater things to achieve her dream. She continued to earn a degree in Hospitality and Business Management.

Miss Khataba built her career working with Merrill Lynch and Deutche, working in fashion, hospitality and eventually media. She found a niche in media where she began producing multiple video production series. Today, driven to make a difference, Miss Khataba is leading a cause to bring communities together across the globe and at home as the founder of Her Story Matters.

During this time Harriet found herself involved in arts and media. As the field was entertaining and career worthy, it was a great step. However, this also began a rough time where she suffered from depression and thoughts of suicide. The results of this time became a springboard for her future. However, this issue was something that would have never been spoken about within Harriet’s family or culture. She came from such a background that such things were never spoken of publicly. Harriet felt at this time as if she was at a place where she was drowning with no one to notice. This enlightened her. This moment inspired Harriet into the plight of others who are going through the same thing or much worse. It is from this dark moment that Her Story Matters was born. As Harriet says it, “Her Story Matters founded me And not the other way round.”

Miss. Harriet Khataba is a shining example of how women of all upbringing and creed may find success in all they choose to achieve. Harriet is an Advocate for change, helping women to identify their potential and to have their voice heard. As a contributor in radio programs, television programs, keynote events, speaking engagements and other media publications Harriet is passionate about her cause.

You can help make a difference by promoting equality, by helping to eliminate common abuses of women and by speaking out to improve cultural differences that happen to women every day. Join Harriet in her cause to bring women through love and sharing across the world. By telling your story of overcoming your own hardships you will be doing your part to bring together women across the world to advance a global initiative. Her Story Matters begins with your story today. Join www.HerStoryMatters.com today to help us provide a medium for every woman to tell “Her Story”.

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