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Our Sponsors:

Her Story Matters is proud to announce our supporting sponsors. We thank you for your loving support. Your efforts to help our cause make our contributions possible.


KO・TO・HA London

KOTOHA’s mission is to uplift people’s confidence by providing high quality cosmetic products that are created from ancient wisdom from Far East.


Total Life Changes

Total Life Changes maintains a vision that transcends the core values of hard work and determination. Our vision is to provide a better and brighter future to thousands of people across the globe that are looking to make a Total Life Change.


Gillian’s Bakery

Gillian’s Bakery (also known as G. Desserts) began from a kitchen table in 2009, and since then, it is on a mission to create delicious wholesome cakes using only the purest of ingredients. Nothing is added to our cakes, and they provide gluten-free, dairy free, raw and non-refined sugar options.

Our Mission:

Her Story Matters is dedicated to raising awareness and providing support for women and children in need of help from a silent global crisis of discrimination by indifference. By gathering support from organizations, affiliations, sponsors and believers like you, Her Story Matters is changing the world for better.

The “Her Story Matters” Journey:

  • Stop abuse and discrimination by indifference of women and children
  • Encourage women to tell their stories to find; Hope, Confidence, Future
  • Nurture and develop young women and children; our future
  • Showcase and recognize women (trailblazers) in communities and the world
  • Provide resources; online coaching, documentation, access to services
  • Catalyst for women’s lives in the world
  • Building communities by empowerment
  • Inspire each woman who sees our brand

Our objectives are to generate as much awareness and support for our goals through mediums and causes. Our future goals are to establish an even stronger presence in the world by providing a wider audience through even greater mediums. To do this the organization is already preparing and producing the following:

  • Her Story Matters (Radio Series)
  • Her Story Matters (Website Training)
  • Her Story Matters (Training Workshops)
  • Her Story Matters (Photography Series)
  • Her Story Matters (YouTube Series)
  • Her Story Matters (Television Series)
  • Her Story Matters (Documentary Series)

  • Our Goal

    Our Goal

    To eliminate discrimination by indifference of women and children in outdated cultures with outdated beliefs.

  • Our Medium

    Our Medium

    We offer a platform of online security and global reach by providing multiple ways for women to connect, support, encourage and to grow – as One Voice.